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The owner wanted to have an inviting herb garden close to the kitchen and have an area where she can enjoy a morning tea. We created it a fusion of French, Italian, Latin and Asian kitchen garden, using herbs from around the world, a dwarf peach, a chandelier topiary form gala apple, 3 different varieties of strawberries, salvias, sage, stevia, 3 varieties of oregano, lemon grass, coneflowers, mints, rosemary, laurel, cat grass, catnip, borage, bee balm, Chamomile, chervil, dill, cilantro, 3 varieties of lavender, calendula, lemon balm, thyme, marigold, purple basil, basil, curry… and many more. We installed 4 planters with 4 different themes: Asian herbs, French herbs, Latin Herbs and Italian Herbs. The incorporation of a water feature as a focal point gives the complete area a relaxing touch. We left space to have a sitting area using a Faux bois style bench and finally we installed beautiful maintenance free grey tone pea gravel.


The Owners believe in organic and try to use everything organic in their lives, including their gardens. They wanted the garden to be fully organic and environmental friendly. They like pinks and white. I designed the flower beds with pink begonia, white zinnias, dusty millers and white angelonias, all grown locally. These plants blend perfectly with the shasta daisy, white Hydrangeas, boxwoods and Japanese maples. I always try to match the color so it will blend as if the flower beds were painted by hand. The Owners LOVE the garden and mostly they love the idea being a chemical free garden.


Owner always want to have her favorite colors in the flower beds. Every time she requests to have dark leave elephant ears and vincas. She does not like Begonias. She likes to make an impact from the street with the color and have a reason to smile everyday when she returns from work. During this season she has texted twice to allow us to learn how happy she is with the flowers.


The designer of the office wanted the planters and plants to flow with the modern decoration of the office. Plants needed to be low maintenance and perform well with the light and temperature conditions of the indoor office. For outdoors they wanted to have very low maintenance plants, funky and modern look. Planters needed to be heavy because of the fast winds on a 23rd floor. To meet the objectives we: INDOORS: We installed low weight modern look planters, which are self-watering and WONT leak into the carpet. We used white tall planters with narrow base which takes up very little space, making it a perfect way to bring greenery to this office were we did not want to block the amazing outside view. We use hardy plants and manage the light in each one of the spaces, using just the proper plants. OUTDOORS: We fill the bottom of the planters with heavy stones and instead of mulch we used Mexican pebbles to add weight. The plants we used are very hardy for windy, dry and sunny conditions. We used thunderhead pine, atlas cedar, miniature topiary thuja, junipers, rosemary and LOTS of succulents.


Owners of the hotel were looking for a contemporary French Quarter, to be the perfect setting for receptions, weddings, or afternoon luncheon. They wanted us to incorporate the rich colors of the indoor decoration so the garden can flow with concept. We designed a Japanese – contemporary garden with contrast of colors and textures using Japanese maple, 4 tier topiaries, boxwoods, poodle topiaries, standard hollies, splash of color with knockout roses and fragrance plants as the gardenia radicans and star jasmine. Seasonal area is completely integrated with the perennials as a unique area that can be of different colors every season. The garden now is a great space for any event in the middle of Atlanta.


These 600 linear feet of flower beds needed to strive in the hottest afternoon full sun conditions and bloom all season. The selected color was hot pink, pink and lavender. I designed a bed with different layers of plants to have different heights. We used vincas based primary on their ability to handle hot and dry conditions. Other selected plants were Angelonias, Carolyn Caladiums and scaveola which blend perfectly with the shasta daisy and red knockout roses we planted 4 years ago.


The property manager wanted the project to be a WOW effect for their clients. The sitting area needed to give privacy and relaxing spot for tired tourist. We used the same theme colors of the indoor decoration and incorporated them into the garden, so we can have the effect of having an extension of the indoors. Burgundies, reds and greens flow together with the indoor modern decoration. Evergreen perennials such Formosa Azalea, Fatsia Japonica, Autumn fern and ground covers give the place a year round lush of greenery. The clients have now a very relaxing sitting area with luxury colors around them, definitely we over exceeded the manager’s expectations; she already booked her next season of color with us.


The owner wanted to have an inviting siting area at the front of the property to enjoy the view of a quiet park with a pond and during winter Atlanta’s skyline. To provide a sitting area we installed a small flag stone patio with dwarf mondo grass between the stones. For the landscape we installed many well-manicured evergreens, with beautiful shapes such lollypops, triangles, round…etc One of the major objectives for our client was to provide privacy from neighbors, so we planted 8’tall emerald thujas and soft them out with other plants in front. Our Clients mother favorite color is purple, so we planted penny mac hydrangeas, reused Babtisia australis and incorporated purple pansies with the beautiful purple tulips.

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